Coffins Print Shop

Needs Shirts, Patches, Bags, Hoodies, Koozies & Jackets?

We have been screen printing all of these and other odd things since 1998! We have the most competitive prices on all of these things since then! No minimum order and one-time set up fees! This allows you to reorder without paying set ups every time! Our screens are 11″x14″ so you can send us black and white JPG, PDF, or PSD files at 300-600 DPI, Quality 12 (on Photoshop) along with sizes, qty, and colors to in the following format.

  • SM (QTY) black shirts with white ink with whatever.jpg on front and thatotherthing.jpg on back with arm.jpg on the sleeve


I heard yous guys have shows at your house!

We DID! From 2015-2017 we were at 719 23rd Street in Orlando. Due to slum lords not willing to sell the place to us, we moved. Do not bother the nice people that live there now. We are now screen printing at our new secret hide out so shhhhh! Here was our fun commercial from our glory days and posters from shows we had there!

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How much are shirts?

Shirts with any one ink color on any color shirt sm-xl start at $7 each. Spec shirts (soft, American-made, tanks, longsleeve etc.) are a little bit more. We get our shirts from so if you want to check them out and order shirts, jackets, tanks, bags, etc. and ship them to us, that can be done! Just email with the quantity of items you ordered and we will invoice you for $3 per print plus screen printing set up fee.

How much is the screen printing set up fee?

There is a one-time screen set up fee of $60 for new art.  This means that you only pay the $60 set up fee once on the first order, then can re-order that same art over and over again and will never need to pay it again! If that is kind of steep for you on top of the cost of shirts, ink, and labor, then you can do $30 for a 3 time set up fee. That means that you will pay $30 (3) times for that same art then you will be paid in full for set ups for that art. It is on the house after that.

How do set ups work for multi-color prints?

Glad you asked! If you have a 2 color print that is 11″x14″, you will need 2 screens, one for each color. If your art is smaller than half of the working area of the screen (say your graphic is 11″x7″ or smaller), we can fit both colors on one screen saving you tons of cash!!!

Are there other screen set up hacks?

There sure are!!! You can fit all kinds of stuff on one screen. Here is a crazy example. Let’s say you want a print one thing on the left sleeve of a shirt, something different on the right sleeve, a small print on the front of the shirt, and a larger print on the back, it is possible to fit all that on one screen!!! See example below!