False Flags

Greg Fernandez Jr.

Full length Release

Greg Fernandez Jr.’s False Flags LP is an elaborate tapestry of socio-political observations and spiritual awakening with unique beats and lyrical mastery.

  1. Funny Money
  2. It’s the World
  3. House In the Hills
  4. Love is Like War 2 (featuring Zyme)
  5. Wait Another Minute
  6. False Flags
  7. Rebel
  8. Get Lost (featuring Shawna Darling)
  9. Peace
  10. It’s So Easy

Produced by Dublin Beats in association with Mind Body Soul Productions
Recorded at OHM Studio, San Jose, Ca.
Mixed & Mastered by Dublin Beats
* It’s So Easy produced by Vladimir Yakovlev
All songs written by Greg Fernandez Jr. featuring Zyme and Shawna Darling